Case Study | NewPower PAC

  • A responsive design looks good on all screen sizes
  • A photo gallery for the Board list makes it personal
  • The Wordpress platform is perfect for news and updates
  • A place for endorsements and testimonials builds credibility
  • The calendar keeps track of events and important dates
  • The site administration is easy for non-technical users

The Client

The NewPower Political Action Committee is a newly-formed, volunteer-run nonprofit organization. It's mission is to take nonpartisan action to get qualified women elected to local office in the State of Georgia.

The Challenge

As a new organization, NewPower had very little Internet presence aside from a Facebook page. Since they were planning a series of public events, an official website was becoming a necessity to lend credibility to the organization and to provide a platform for education, communication, and fundraising.

NewPower had several challenging priorities to meet:

  • Needed to reduce site development costs whenever possible
  • The content management system (CMS) should be easy for non-technical users so they can make updates on their own
  • A mobile-friendly site design was strongly desired
  • The site needed to be deployed within two weeks

The Solution

Site URL:

Working in collaboration with NewPower, we determined what pages and information needed to be on the site. Volunteers developed the copy while we worked on the technical aspects. Because time was short, we focused on what was needed now keeping in mind that additional types of content or functions could be added as needed.

To save on development costs and time, we recommended a CMS built on a free, open source web application and a site design using an existing theme template. We selected Wordpress for the CMS. Wordpress is easy for non-technical people to use and for this project is is very important that the organization leadership is able to make updates and changes themselves without having to invest a lot of time and money in training. We chose the free Vantage theme from SiteOrigin. This theme is responsive so that the site will scale to look good on any size and resolution of desktop monitor, tablet, or mobile phone.

Due to the tight timeframe for the planning, design, and build, our normal production process was greatly condensed and some steps were eliminated. For example, only mock-ups of the home page were provided mainly to ensure that the client was happy with the overall visual style. (We were extremely grateful that the client granted us free reign on creative and technical decisions.) Also, the site copy was developed by volunteers at the same time that we were working on the technical aspects. When we were ready to input the content, the copy was proofed and ready to go.

Finally, a sub-committee of volunteers performed the site testing and submitted change requests and fixes. The review and revisions stage was completed within a few days. Post-deployment, we provided tutorials on site management and updating for NewPower communications volunteers.