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Another 10 Fundraising Moments in Pop Culture

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Can you make sure all my money goes straight to the kids?
Peep Show, Channel 4's Comedy Gala (2010)


For every dollar you give … we laugh at.
Homestar Runner, Pistols for Pandas (2009)


What have you all got against donkeys?
That Mitchell and Webb Look, "Captain Todger - Donkeys," Series 3


It makes for a lousy telethon.
The West Wing, "Institutional Memory," Season 7


Save the pine weasel
Twin Peaks, "Wounds and Scars," Season 2


Paying models to have pillow fights is not charity work.
Mr. Show with Bob and David, "The Velveteen Touch of a Dandy Fop," Season 2


**** NSFW warning - the clips below contain F-bombs. ****


You want to associate your product with crippled athletes?
Slings and Arrows, "Season's End," Season 2
[Skip ahead to 2:10 for the pertinent bit]


Oh, I get it. It's the Monkey Joke.
Beyond Borders (2003)


All that for $10,000?
The Wire, "Middle Ground," Season 3


You hit your number or die in this room.
The Wire, "Home Room," Season 4


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