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Link Roundup #5

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Finding Out What Are Your VIPs Are Up To
Not happy with Google Alerts? Take a look at Newsle as another way to find out when your donors and prospects get in the news. This could be a very useful addition to your relationship-building toolbox.

Giving Tuesday 2014
The next Giving Tuesday isn’t until December 2 but it’s not too early to make your plan. The Knight Foundation has a handy Giving Day Playbook that covers planning, outreach, logistics, follow-up and assessment.

13 Ways the Busiest People Ever Avoid Burnout
I can vouch for #5. Your brain can only do focused work for an hour or so. After that, decision-making abilities and quality of work begin to slip. I find I’m actually more productive if I take a short walk around the block between working sessions.

The Collaboration Paradox: Why Working Together Often Yields Weaker Results
Reasons why group efforts (like your development committee, perhaps?) aren’t as great as they could be and how to make them more effective.

How To Capture Your Visitors’ Attention To Increase Conversions
This article is really for web designers but the savvy fundraiser can use this information to create more effective online donation forms, annual appeals, and other documents using visual cues.

Turning Flour Into Bread Like a Boss
In 1864, Ruel Gridley lost a bet and ended up raising $275,000 to support services for wounded Civil War soldiers. He did it by auctioning the same sack of flour over and over and over again. Listen to the story on the Futility Closet podcast or read Mark Twain’s account in Roughing It.

Free Online Meeting Service
Do you have an occasional need for an online meeting but not the budget for a subscription service? You might look at anymeeting which is easy to use for both the host and attendees. They offer a free plan that is ad supported (and the paid plans are very reasonable) so if that doesn’t bother you, this might be the solution your budget requires.

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