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Naming Opportunity Win

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b2ap3_thumbnail_failroom.jpgDuring his lifetime, James M. Fail (1926 - 2010), a big supporter of the University of Alabama, made regular major gifts to the Crimson Tide Foundation in support of the University's athletic department. His contributions made him eligible for various naming rights but he always declined to use his own name and honored others instead. But in 2008, the perfect opportunity to put his name to effective use presented itself.

"When I saw the visitors' locker room as a potential naming right," said Mr. Fail, "I figured it was the most appropriate opportunity I would ever have to use my name."

So now whenever an opposing team arrives at the Bryant-Denny Stadium, they go straight to The Fail Room.

Image via, l-r Mal Moore, director of athletics, and James Fail at The Fail Room dedication in 2008.
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