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True or False: Nonprofit Urban Legends

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Gossiping.jpgEveryone should know about – your first stop to debunk or confirm that unbelievable, inflammatory email or Facebook post. Here's a selection of articles on the site related to the nonprofit sector. Which ones do you think are true or false?

For the Birds
Claim: Knitters have been asked to donate sweaters for oil-soaked penguins.

Charitable Compensation
Claim: Article compares the salaries of top executives of several large charities.

Charity Case
Claim: Not all of the money donated to benefit victims of 9/11 is going to them.

Cleaning for a Reason
Claim: Free cleaning services for women undergoing cancer treatment

Angel Trees
Claim: The Salvation Army charges families for donations of clothing and toys.

Kettle Chits
Claim: Salvation Army bell-ringers keep some of the money.

The Hunger Site
Claim: You can direct donations to hunger-relief just by clicking a button on a website. Related: Free Rice and The Mammograming Click

Jessica Mydek
Claim: The American Cancer Society will donate three cents every time a message about Jessica Mydek is shared. Related: Boy Shot by Stepfather and Cancer Baby

Phonecard a Friend
Claim: Wounded U.S. soldiers need donated phonecards. Related: Book Bind

Keeping Tabs
Claim: Aluminum can pull tabs can be redeemed for time on a dialysis machine. Related: Capped Well

Target Practice
Claim: Target does not contribute to veteran's or gay and lesbian causes or the Toys for Tots program and Salvation Army bell-ringers are banned from stores.

National Pancake Day
Claim: IHOP offers free pancakes to raise money for charity.

Dobri Dobrev
Claim: Photos show 98-year-old begging for funds to restore churches.

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