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How Nonprofits Can Work with Photographers to Enhance Their Message

Guest post by Billy Howard | (Continued from Part 2)


Budgeting for photography

Most photographers have a day rate to which they then add their expenses, but others will simply give you a project fee based on the scope of work you need done. Give them the details of your assignment and let them work out a budget for you. If it is higher than expected—and if you haven’t worked with a professional photographer before, it probably will be—stop and think about the overall budget and uses for what you are producing. Will it appear in magazines, brochures, and advertisements, direct mail, social media? Determine the budget for all the uses you have in mind, and then look at the photographer’s estimate. Chances are, it will be a fraction of what you are spending to get your message out. If you budget a lot to print and advertise your message, then going cheap on the very thing that will bring people into the page will diminish your efforts. Finally, if you have a set amount you can spend, let the photographer know that. They can either reject the job or maybe recommend a photographer with less experience and a lower rate, like one of their assistants.

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You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a digital annual report. By repurposing existing content and using inexpensive tech tools, you can have a digital report that is mobile-friendly.

Read the Case Study to see how we did it >

See it in action on the Moving in the Spirit website >

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Main blog image via University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

For Americans, November is a time of Thanksgiving. We usually spend the month being grateful for our family, friends, food and (American) football. This is also great time to let our donors know how much we appreciate them. How will they know the true impact of their support unless we tell them? Everyone likes to know that they are making a difference and making sure donors do is (or should be) a critical aspect of your donor retention plan.

You’ve already sent them a letter acknowledging their support at the time of their gift (if you haven’t, shame on you - GET TO IT!). So what can you do that will stand out from the deluge of holiday messages AND won’t cost too much in time, money, or your sanity?

Well, here are some ideas you can steal!

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