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Storytelling has become an important channel for showing an organization’s impact in a way that engages hearts and minds. When a beneficiary tells, in their own words, about how your donors have brought something good into their lives, it has a credibility and authenticity that can’t be topped.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet many extraordinary people who have overcome significant challenges. It’s always a joy for me, and I hope for them, to show the world how donors have made a difference in many lives including theirs!

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As a voracious podcast consumer, I’m always excited when one of my favorite podcasters does an episode about philanthropy and fundraising. Sure, there are lots of podcasts out there devoted to the topic but I think what delights me is that these issues are being heard by a more general audience. Maybe it will reduce the number of people who ask, “So…What, exactly, do you DO?”


b2ap3_thumbnail_backstory-logo.pngWhat Gives? Generosity in America

Backstory with the American History Guys

Episode Description: Tis the season for giving. And on this episode, we’re going to give you the history of that. The stories we’re working on explore gifts in the American past and consider how ideas about charity, philanthropy and generosity have changed over the centuries. Sometimes, it paid to be poor — but not too poor. In earlier days, philanthropy had humble aims: to foster community and put the idea of charity out of business. Along the way, we’ll also look the questionable notion of the “free gift,” the idea of reciprocity in Native cultures, and the back story to the Salvation Army Santas.

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Looking at the stats for this year I must conclude that my readers really like their pop culture with a side of history, seasoned with humor. Here are the most popular posts from 2014:

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