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I'll be co-presenting (along with Katy Malone, outreach and education manager, Zuckerman Museum of Art) the session:


Countdown to Ignition! Creative Visitor Engagement Strategies

Who hasn’t been to a “big” museum and experienced a little pang of envy over all the cool visitor engagement tools they had? But even within the realities of your limited resources you can still create a participatory experience for your visitors. This session will leverage the power of our collective brains to develop creative engagement techniques without busting your budget or burning out the staff.


If you're in the Southeast and you work at a museum, please do consider attending the SEMC meeting in October. They always have an excellent program and Knoxville is a fun place to visit.

Registration opens on May 1 >

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For once the lawyer is not the butt of the joke (ok, maybe ONE joke).

A doctor, a lawyer and a fundraiser arrive at the pearly gates of heaven. St. Peter tells the doctor that he will grant him one wish before he enters heaven so the doctor asks for a million dollars. St. Peter grants the wish and the doctor enters into heaven. This generosity did not go unnoticed by the lawyer so when St Peter asks him for his wish the lawyer asks for a billion dollars. St. Peter grants the wish and the lawyer enters into heaven. When St. Peter asked the fundraiser what she would like, she says, “If it is not too much trouble could I please get the business cards of the two people who entered heaven just ahead of me?”

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 Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.

- Albert Schweitzer

You can tell people why they should donate to your cause but unless you're a volunteer, most people know that you are getting paid to say that. As a member of the staff, you may be the best person to articulate the facts and the need - important information - but to appeal to the emotions, to get the really great story, nothing beats a donor's testimonial.

People who have already given their own money and who are not being paid to ask, have much higher credibility than an employee. This is the main principal behind the success of for-profit review sites like Yelp, RateMyProfessors, and Glassdoor. 

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