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In my readings about the state of fundraising in nonprofits, one of the conditions for success that people seem to be talking about is the importance of having a culture of philanthropy. A lot of us have a gut feeling as to whether or not our organizations have it but why is this such a problem in the first place?

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This article, written by yours truly, originally appeared in Advancing Philanthropy published by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (July/August 2006)

b2ap3_thumbnail_keepcalm.jpgIn a perfect world, nonprofit development professionals would have plenty of time and money to allocate to achieving their fundraising and communications goals. While some philosophies propose that we live in the best of all possible worlds, the unfortunate reality is that we all work within the constraints of limited resources. Among the largest expenses of a development office are the costs associated with the development and dissemination of collateral materials such as newsletters, brochures, annual reports, websites and electronic newsletters. How do we produce them most effectively and efficiently? Donors who support our organizations have a right to expect that we will use our time and money productively to achieve our goals without sacrificing quality. Nevertheless, while the expectations of “faster, better and cheaper” may seem to contradict one another, there are specific cost effective strategies that can help you strike a balance and achieve your best of all possible worlds. 


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