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I'll be co-presenting (along with Katy Malone, outreach and education manager, Zuckerman Museum of Art) the session:


Countdown to Ignition! Creative Visitor Engagement Strategies

Who hasn’t been to a “big” museum and experienced a little pang of envy over all the cool visitor engagement tools they had? But even within the realities of your limited resources you can still create a participatory experience for your visitors. This session will leverage the power of our collective brains to develop creative engagement techniques without busting your budget or burning out the staff.


If you're in the Southeast and you work at a museum, please do consider attending the SEMC meeting in October. They always have an excellent program and Knoxville is a fun place to visit.

Registration opens on May 1 >

@SEMC2 | #SEMC2014

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Barbra_Streisand_-_1966.jpgThese are not the headlines you want to see the day before your new museum opens:  

If Kennesaw State University administrators had not heard of the Streisand Effect* before, I bet they have now.

"The Streisand Effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet" (source)

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Some years ago I was fortunate to be able attend a lecture by the famously contentious art critic Robert Hughes. The event was well-attended with a lively Q&A at the end. One questioner made the point that the local museum, the host venue for the lecture, was terrible at promoting the work of regional artists. Hughes asked how the questioner came to that conclusion. Was there not on display at that very moment an entire gallery devoted to the work of a local artist? The questioner responded with, "Because I've submitted my portfolio many times and they've never given me a show." Without pause Hughes took aim and fired, "Well, maybe your art just isn't very good."

Oh, snap!

We fundraisers like to whine about our frustrations with foundations but a whine that I can't stand is the one where, like the artist above, entitlement and sour grapes collide. Before you go down that path, you'd better be sure it isn't because your proposal and/or project just isn't very good.

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