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 Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.

- Albert Schweitzer

You can tell people why they should donate to your cause but unless you're a volunteer, most people know that you are getting paid to say that. As a member of the staff, you may be the best person to articulate the facts and the need - important information - but to appeal to the emotions, to get the really great story, nothing beats a donor's testimonial.

People who have already given their own money and who are not being paid to ask, have much higher credibility than an employee. This is the main principal behind the success of for-profit review sites like Yelp, RateMyProfessors, and Glassdoor. 

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Just for fun, I've put together an incomplete survey of the various ways that fundraising and philanthropy have been represented in popular culture. We fundraiser's don't always get portrayed in a positive light and police procedurals sure do like to have a corpse at a charity gala!

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